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An applet that demonstrates the Lorentz force. Extensive explanatory text included.

Introduction to topics in electromagnetism, including hyperlinks to subtopics.

Tutorial and applet on basic electrodynamics. Applet lets the user vary the ratio of the electric and magnetic fields and... see more

Extensive explanatory text about the Coulomb and Lorentz forces.

Applet and tutorial that illustrates how charge distributes on a spherical surface when placed in a constant electric... see more

Two applets demonstrate how a cyclotron works by having charged particles move through a constant magnetic field.

Tutorial on the basic principles of capacitance and dielectrics.

Tutorial and applet on the operation of the Van der Graaf generator in electrostatics

Tutorial and applet that illustrates how electromagnetism can be used to separate seeds from foreign objects.

Tutorial, with applet, on the basic principles of Coulombic forces.

Discussion of triboelectricity, with animation. Includes a detailed triboelectric chart.

In the part about the path of electrons in the electric field of a plate capacitor students can manipulate the... see more

This part of a learning environment about electron motion in fields is about the electron gun. It contains the... see more

Electrons in the magetic field of two Helmholtz coils In the part about the path of the electrons in the magnetic field... see more

A Keynote Presentation that is exported as a clickable quicktime movie. Develops Millikan's experiment with all equations... see more

This Java applet simulates the motion in 2D of interacting particles. Forces include springs, gravity, and electrostatic... see more