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Displays 3D dynamic images of interference for several different choices of sources.

In this applet two waves of equal amplitude are interfering. You can control the centre or nominal frequency of the waves... see more

Animates a user selected combination of normal modes in a rectangular box.

Motion of a circular membrane/surface.

Click and drag to move one set of circular wavefronts, or use the buttons. Observe the resultant interference pattern.

Set of java applets for illustrating classical physics (highschool level), including gravitation, electric and magnetic... see more

Derive an equation to calculate the frequency of an oncoming sound source and a receding sound source. Also, calculate... see more

Demonstrates doppler effect with moving point source.

Observe sound waves emitted from a moving vehicle. Measure the frequency of sound waves in front of and behind the... see more

This animation shows an electromagnetic wave, namely a plane polarized wave, which propagates in positive x direction.... see more

This applet demonstrates the resulting wave from the combination of the fundamental frequency and a combination of all or... see more

Test your hearing range by listening to low-, medium-, and high-frequency sounds. Compare the relative loudness of sounds... see more

Online applet and downloadable demonstration software for the PC, Mac, and HP (Unix)

Simulate the interference between two circular waves, for instance surface waves on water. A good supplement to... see more

In this applet you can see the result of superimposing two waves of different frequencies and amplitudes on top of each... see more

This applet shows the inteference pattern between two point sources of water waves. The wavelength of the waves, and the... see more

Allows you to watch vibrating Intrinsic Local Modes (ILMs) in the lattice of 15 particles with periodic boundaries.

A simple animation that illustrates how air molecules move in sound waves, one dimensionally.

A group of simulations on the physical and geometric nature of light along with applications of electromagnetic... see more

Demonstration of reflection of a longitudinal wave from a boundry.

MiniWaveMaker is an interactive computer simulation of a discretely weighted elastic string. It illustrates properties of... see more

An interactive, flash animated website on the math and science of Western Traditional Music.

Extensive site, which is a tutorial on musical acoustics and relates it to introductory physics level study of waves

Animates a user selected combination of normal modes on a rectangular membrane with fixed or free boundaries. Will also... see more