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This applet is designed to demonstrate what the concept of temperatures is, how pressure is related to temperature under... see more

Blackbody Radiation applet allows 10 Planck radiation law curves for arbitrary temperatures in the range 3000-30000K.... see more

Change Temp and watch graph change according to Plank's formula

The motion of an object placed in a fluid is simulated. The densities of the block and fluid, and the coefficient of... see more

""...shows the Fermi function at a given termperature T.""

simulates second law of thermodynamics

This applet demonstrates heat flow and temperature change for a metal with the ends held at different temperatures. The... see more

Applet demonstrates Charles' Law from a particle standpoint by allowing the user to change the temperature and see the... see more

Tutorial and applet on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on the physics of hydraulic presses.

A series of animations that show how the flow of rate of water is analogous to current.

Java simulation of the three basic thermodynamic processes - isobaric, isothermal, and isochoric

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Applet shows a system of leaking vessles, each leaking into the other, and... see more

Tutorial and applet on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on Archimede's Principle.

Appet and tutorial on basic statistical mechanics covering the electromagnetic spectrum of black body radiation.

Extensive text description and corresponding applet for the Boltzmann distribution.

This Applet shows(simulates) the Brownian movements of particles into a fluid, etc..

Applet and tutorial on fluid dymamics, focusing on capillary action.

Java Animation of Carnot Engine and Cycle

Tutorial and applet on fluid dynamics, including an analogy to electrical capacitance and resistance.

Tutorial and applet on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on liquid density

Applet demonstrates how the density of a gas varies with height.