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This article is an introduction into archaeology.  

This journal article explores what archaelogist do in teh field.

This textbook explores theory, topics and methods in archaeology.

sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms,... see more

The OpenCourseWare movement continues to gain steam and the addition of more and more online courses piques the interest... see more

The OpenCourseWare movement continues to gain steam and the addition of more and more online courses piques the interest... see more

This collection of resources helps instructors integrate ICT literacy into anthropology curriculum. Resources include... see more

This course explores a range of contemporary scholarship oriented to the study of 'cybercultures,' with a focus on... see more

This course enhances cross-cultural understanding through the discussion of practical, ethical, and epistemological... see more

This course is an introductory exploration of documentary film theory and production, focusing on documentaries about... see more

This class looks at the birth and international expansion of an American industry of political marketing, with a special... see more

This course examines how people learn, practice, and evaluate traditional and contemporary craft techniques. Social... see more

This course explores stereotypes associated with Asian women in colonial, nationalist, state-authoritarian, and... see more

As we live in the aftermath of the Financial Crisis of 2008, there are renewed questions about the nature of the economic... see more

This course provides an exploration of colonial and postcolonial clashes between theories of healing and embodiment in... see more

This course examines traditional performances of the Arabic-speaking populations of the Middle East and North Africa.... see more

This course explores the issue of human trafficking for forced labour and sexual slavery, focusing on its representation... see more

In this course the conquest and colonization of the Americas is considered, with special attention to the struggles of... see more

This class examines the ways humans experience the realm of sound and how perceptions and technologies of sound emerge... see more

Still photography, a practice and form of expression that has worked its way into every facet of social life and every... see more

This class explores the interrelationship between humans and natural environments. It does so by focusing on conflict... see more

After decades of efforts to promote development, why is there so much poverty in the world? What are some of the root... see more

How — and why — do people seek to capture everyday life on film? What can we learn from such films? This course... see more

Everyday we are bombarded with the word "global" and encouraged to see globalization as the quintessential transformation... see more