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Arterial Blood Gas Demonstration is a 6:14 minute video which shows the method to obtain an arterial blood gas sampling... see more

The Howard Hughes Medical Institue offers virtual labs in different subjects as a means of spreading education about... see more

A calculator for determining basal resting and active metabolic rates.

In this simulation, the learner will assume the perspective of various public health professionals responding to a... see more

 Step by step instructional videos showing how to do things like timing belts and clutch replacements, brake jobs,... see more

This is a simulation of the building damages to the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th. Structural damages... see more

OTEN Maritime studies show you how to put out a fire using a CO2 extinguisher

Provides simulation of the construction process

An experimental dust explosion is shown.  This is actually a fireball since it is uncontained and does not create a... see more

A British video showing the operation of fire sprinkers. Many myths are dispelled.

"It is just after 7a.m. on a hot, humid Saturday. Recent weather has been warm and dry. The wind is coming from the South... see more

This is a short animation describing and showing how fire sprinklers operate.

Traditions Training instructor Danny Doyle (Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire) offers some tips on "tactical nozzle work" for... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון המציג מספר סימולציות של שריפות, התהליכים הקורים בתוכן וכיצד הן מתפשטות וגדלות. הסרטון מקושר לאתר... see more