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The Harvard Classics and Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction, selected by Charles W.Elliot and published (1909-1917) is... see more

This course comprises a broad survey of texts, literary and philosophical, which trace the development of the modern... see more

How do literature, philosophy, film and other arts respond to the profound changes in world view and lifestyle that mark... see more

This video was recorded at Sadovi znanja - Izobraževalna TV oddaja | Gains of knowledge - educational TV series. V okviru... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a communication course for undergraduate students by Armeda C. Reitzel, Ph.D., at... see more

Abridged version of Jacques Roumain’s novel Gouverneurs de la Rosée (1945), a masterpiece of Haitian literature that has... see more

The introductions in this anthology are meant to be just that: a basic overview of what students need to know before they... see more

In this course, the student will examine the revolutionary energy, fascination with nature, desire to create art for the... see more

An online course devoted to the study of Faust: concentrating on works by Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von... see more

This video was recorded at ENGL 300 - Introduction to Theory of Literature. In this lecture on feminist criticism,... see more

'Literature, the Humanities, and Humanity attempts to make the study of literature more than simply another school... see more

This course approaches literature as a product of specific historical and cultural circumstances, including topics such... see more

This course investigates what makes poetry "modern." It examines the cultural and political history of the period as well... see more

This is the first book to combine contemporary debates in ballad studies with the insights of modern textual scholarship.... see more

What makes a novel "Gothic"? This course explores various definitions of the genre through close reading of... see more

סביבת למידה מתוקשבת ללימוד ספרות בשפה האנגלית. הסביבה מתרכזת בלימוד הספר The Wave ("הנחשול") באמצעות דפי מידע ומשימות חקר... see more

This video was recorded at MIT Leadership Center. As a receptionist, Carly Fiorina made an important observation: people... see more

In the decades following the Second World War, a cluster of extraordinary French thinkers were widely translated and read... see more

This course aims to introduce students to the rich diversity of human culture from antiquity to the early 17th century.... see more

The "small wonders" to which our course will attend are moments of present time, depicted in the verbal and visual media... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Host: Literature Section at MIT. Many writers long to see their work appear in The... see more

This video was recorded at Besedne postaje Filozofske fakultete. Beseda bo tekla o zgodovini žensk in študijah spola v... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Host: Literature Section at MIT. In the tradition of his favorite childhood writers,... see more

Cette présentation, à usage des étudiants et enseignants, a pour vocation de servir de base à un apprentissage premier de... see more