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Fractal Music Composer is a powerful music editor. Students build their own musical phrases out of notes from their... see more

A collection of simulations on a variety of topics that bridge mathematics and biology. Humans & the Environment Ecology... see more

Explores social and environmental tradeoffs in the farming civilization of ancient Subir (closely related to ancient... see more

Calligraphy is my second most popular app. I wrote the original 1997 Java applet a throwaway programming example - but... see more

Cellular Automata runs an assortment of 1- and 2-dimensional cellular automata, allowing the user to set the rules... see more

In Circle Inversion, a user drawn picture is inverted over one or more circles.

Demographics explores population growth pyramids, much like my Human Demographics simulator below, where you can change... see more

Kuizu is a Japanese vocabulary quiz program. It features several intermediate level word lists, flash cards, multiple... see more

Mandelbrot-Julia Sets explores the famous Mandelbrot Set and its associated Julia Sets with paired plots. Each point of a... see more

Pascal's Triangle shows how binomial coefficients and other systems can be used to generate fractal pictures.

WordShapes is a spelling game for developing visual memory. The word lists are taken from the Dolch basic sight words... see more