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Selectable standing waves showing fundamental, second, third, and fourth harmonics. Also a look at Nodes and Antinodes.

A set of fully rendered, three-dimensional animations of the electromagnetic fields associated with a variety of dynamic... see more

The movie below shows the evolution of a quantum-mechanical wavepacket bouncing on a hard surface under the influence of... see more

Fabulous animations to help illustrate the difference between the three major types of waves, middle school students will... see more

In this animation, students must figure out what happens to a bicycle wheel hanging from a rope at the end of its axle,... see more

Applet uses Shockwave to demonstrate vector addition. Use can add up to 10 vectors.

Más de 80 animaciones de Física en Flash. n algunos casos se ofrecen, además, las animaciones originales convertidas en... see more

This quantum mechanics simulation shows electric dipole transitions, interactions of classical electromagnetic radiation,... see more

A 2-dimensional relative velocity problem with an integrated physlet.

Physlet demonstrates the relationship between current and voltage in a simple circuit.

This animation simulates a nuclear power plant.

Real space lattice vectors can adjusted while the corresponding real and reciprocal space lattices are displayed. The... see more

(From the author) These short 3-D QuickTime movies of electric and magnetic fields in space were created to accompany the... see more

The Distance and speed of a body in an eliptical orbit is mapped with trails. Labels and vectors are also selectable.

The resource contains many Flash physics animations covering topics such as chaos, mechanics, vectors, waves, relativity;... see more

A collection of physics applets, including lecture material and source code (at... see more

This applet allows you to set up the vertices, compression ratios, and rotations associated to an iterated function... see more

Applet allows user to make basic changes in kinematic motin and see the resulting plots for velocity versus time and... see more

A physlet of a simple AC circuit. Frequency is user-defined.

Physlet demonstrates current, voltage, and power of an AC circuit.

Animated gif depicts the induction process. Includes lengthy discussion.

A Java applet for demonstrating basic linar motion.

Interactive Wolfram demonstrations of concepts in physical chemistry