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Narrative tenses - past perfect and past continuous. Watch a Mr. Bean clip 6.13 minutes and then combine the pairs or... see more

הנחיות לביצוע פרוייקט באנגלית כשפה זרה בנושא "מחוייבות אישית" - התנדבות, הכולל הרצאה מלוות מצגת, כתיבת דו"ח, ושאלות... see more

Information on how to summarize with examples of different kinds of summaries.   CEFR Activity -  Production / Writing... see more

Useful English language material for ESL or EFL students. The Sochi Olympics provide a n opportunity to languageeducators... see more

This simple idea can be adapted for many levels and purposes. Everyday comic strips have the dialogue bubbles blanked... see more