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A trade association that promotes the use of small hydropower. Members include industry equipment manufacturers, civil,... see more

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Utah. It was formally... see more

The Geology Museum at the Colorado School of Mines started as a mineral cabinet, but today the museum has approximately... see more

This publication, authored by Thodore B. Shelton of Rutgers University, summarizes the information necessary for... see more

Drinking Water Standards: This site form the EPA presents links to many articles on Priority Rule Makings and Regulatory... see more

The Earth Policy Institute provides a vision of a sustainable society as well as a roadmap to achieve an environmentally... see more

This frequently-asked-questions feature deals with the relationship between earthquakes, faults, and plate tectonics;... see more

J. Bret Bennington of Hofstra University has created this simple website discussing many issues in geomorphology. The... see more

This frequently-asked-questions feature provides answers to common problems encountered when using the AS-1 seismometer... see more

Presented by the United States Geological Survey, this website contains general facts and information pertaining to... see more

GeoDIL is a collection of images related to the Earth sciences. This digital image library is intended for use by K-16... see more

Geophysical inversion is deriving the structure of the Earth's subsurface from data collected at the surface, using a... see more

Cornell University's Institute for the Study of Continents (INSTOC) and Department of Geological Sciences have developed... see more

The mission of the GeoResources Institute (GRI) is to understand Earth's natural and managed systems and provide... see more

This site includes world maps showing geothermal sites, geothermal slide shows, geothermal facts, a glossary, and links... see more

Magazine of the American Geological Institute offers news shorts on earth science topics, including: paleontology and... see more

This portal provides introductory text for issues relating to Geographic Information Systems as well as pointers to... see more

This page from Iowa State University presents a general glossary of geologic terms. The site would be a good reference... see more

Ground and Surface Water: Discusses the importance of considering ground water and surface water as a single resource.... see more

U.S. Geological Survey Water Science for Schools provides information about types of wells, drilling and water levels.... see more

From the USGS Water Science for School's web site is a comparison of the disadvantages to power plants that use coal and... see more

This site is from the USGS. The natural processes of ground-water and surface-water interactions are completely evaluated... see more

Based at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (UIUC), the Illinois State Geological Survey's mission is to... see more

The site, presented by, categorizes and lists a plethora of different rocks. They have divided them by their... see more