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Audio Word/Varied-Time Delay learning for sight-words for students is based on stimulus-response studies that have been... see more

This link is apart of and it has a quick tutorial about decimals that would be good for upper elementary school

On this site, you will see a word being fingerspelled.  Once you know what the word is, you type your answer to see if... see more

Guía dirigida a administradores, profesores y estudiantes. Contiene los conceptos y herramientas esenciales en un formato... see more

This site Learn 2 type is a very interactive site that will start you from the very basics and increase when you feel... see more

This fun, easy card game assists people just learning about type to identify and understand the eight preferences. Deck... see more

This is a satellite site for individuals preparing for GED, COMPASS and Regents remediation type test. The textbook... see more

This is a lesson that a kindergarten or first grade teacher can use for a social studies lesson on needs and wants.  It... see more

Signing Savvy is the most complete online sign language video dictionary. Signing Savvy contains several thousand high... see more

Interactive PowerPoint for grade 1 introducing characters in Realistic Fiction. Students will learn which characters are... see more

This is a StAIR that teaches, reviews, and checks student knowledge of the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and... see more

StudyStack provides free online tools for memorizing tables of information. Includes flashcards, matching and other... see more

Read Please is software that helps learners with reading difficulties. Read Please will 'read' a written text aloud,... see more

An interactive presentation for third graders on hurricanes. Students will learn about hurricanes, their development, how... see more

Free typing speed test and typing lessons. A structured touch typing course for motivated individuals looking to develop... see more

Teaching critical thinking with Action Mazes.

This little game will help you learn to type faster by having you play an interactive game.  The page includes links to... see more

This activity is meant for second grade.  It was created to make units of time more meaningful to students just learning... see more

Hundreds of different Bodyweight and Travel WODS. 

Using Microsoft Excel, the Internet, Instructional Design and Cooperative Learning Methodologies, students will learn to... see more

stAIR Design. This instructional tool is interactive reviewing the language and concepts of comparison and contrast in... see more

Comunicación asertiva En Esta sopa de letra Usted Nós Podemos deducir Que ubicar las Palabras que Hacen REFERENCIA Una... see more