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This presentation consists of a summary of Chapter 7 - Atomic Structure and Periodicity from Chemistry, Fourth Edition by... see more

This Stand alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) is designed for 8th grade chemistry students to familiarize them with the... see more

concentration lectures - from definitions to conversions

A 9 minute YouTube video that covers how the endocrine system maintains homeostasis using negative feedback.

A seminar that explains how your can incorporate food science into your high school classrooms.

This Powerpoint discusses electronic and print resources so that students can find physical and thermodynamic properties... see more

This PDF provides the second half of the basic first year University course in Chemistry.  This module will review... see more

This film briefly considers the nature of atoms as an introduction to an educational unit on the health effects of... see more

This film explores the health effects of ionizing radiation (radioactivity). The film also examines methods for reducing... see more

This video was recorded at CHEM 125 - Freshman Organic Chemistry. Professor McBride outlines the course with its goals... see more

This video was recorded at YALE - EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law. The lecture describes the Clean Air Act and... see more

An introduction to the molecular tools of medicine by Dr. Michael W. King of the Indiana University School of Medicine.... see more

A website devoted to bridging the gap from organic chemistry to 'molecular informatics' with emphasis on secondary... see more

Extensive pH calculation lectures, from the most basic definition and simple cases, up to mixtures of multiprotic acids... see more

Redox Proteins is an Internet tutorial intended as a computer-based laboratory exercise for undergraduate students in... see more

This is an overview of the SN1 and SN2 substitution pathways.  It gives general information for both and also some keys... see more

The Chemistry and Processing of Jamaican Bauxite

The Chemistry of Jamaican fruit and vegetables including pigments, sugars, volatiles etc.

A Stand Alone Instructional Resource that focuses on matter, atoms, elements, molecules, compounds, and the four most... see more

The Chemistry of Spices including ginger, pimento (allspice), nutmeg, vanilla, etc.

A presentation on the assembly and operation of the Parr Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter in English, Chinese, French, and... see more

This site details solid state structures and using Chime, allows the reader to rotate the molecule to view it from... see more