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A simple demonstration of the effect the coefficient of restitution has on a ball colliding with a wall.

This simulation shows the elastic collision between two balls. Users can set masses and initial velocities and see,... see more

Applet simulates a collision between two masses, which are varied by the user. The user is tested on their understanding,... see more

An extensive text discussion of the basic principles of work and energy.

This applet provides a simulation of an oscillator damped by friction. The initial position and the coefficient of... see more

This applet illustrates elastic collisions of two point masses. The masses are set equal to each other. You can view the... see more

Applet demonstrates the oscillatory motion of a particle in a potential energy well. The force acting on the particle is... see more

Illustrates physical principles by simulating a race between two balls on different shaped tracks. Can change lower track... see more

Choose a character and an object to investigate the relationships between energy, momentum, and friction.

דף מידע ובו יישומון המתאר ומדגים את תנועתם של קפיצים כאשר תולים עליהם משקולות במאסות שונות. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת של... see more