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Brainteaser to exchange frog positions. 

Just a Puzzle Game... I remembered the time when I was kid and I used to play this... Now I did a newer and better... see more

create interactive jigsaw puzzles

And interactive virtual room where one can move ojects about, search for sounds, messages and doorways into other virtual... see more

Marco Polo's Journey--invented by Dr. R. I. Hess. A difficult puzzle in 135 steps... see more

The classic game of Mastermind

A pentomio consists of 5 connected squares. There are 12 possible pentominos. The puzzle is to place them on an 8-by-8... see more

ScoreTracker is a powerful Java applet that gives youcomplete control over your own personal professional sports... see more

Children's game. Swap tile s around until complete picture emerges.

A large collection of jig saw puzzles that are assembled with the mouse. The number of pieces can be chosen.

A small java game, simular to Majong

Picking Game as described in Scientific American

Had a dream? Bring it to the Temple for dream Questions, Feelings and Tasks. A 3-alter javascripted path that is a dream... see more

Scramble the colours on the sides of these solid shapes, then try to solve them...get the idea? This is the world's... see more

WebChess is gnuchess hooked to the web, using a Java applet to present the board and interactively accept your moves and... see more

WebEuchre(tm) lets you play the Euchre card game on the web against other people in real time for free.

Quiz Cards Game for topics like: geography, art, crime, foreign languages, antonyms, flags, colors, multiplication, etc.

WordMeister is a fast and challenging Hangman-style game. Designed to be as cross-platform as possible, it runs almost as... see more

here are already a lot of 15 puzzles available (sometimes called slide puzzles). Our version is unique however. If you... see more