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This is a site that is meant to explain to writers what statistical data means. However, it is also a simple review, with... see more

This tutorial is designed to give students practice in calculating basic probabilities using the binomial distribution.... see more

This applet is designed to teach students how bin widths (or the number of bins) affect a histogram. The histogram is for... see more

This resource introduces maximum likelihood estimation and provides several applets to illustrate this concept.

The U.S. Census Bureau Statistics in Schools program provides resourcs for teaching and learning with real life data. The... see more

Histogram Explorer is a tool for understanding histograms and their statistics

On this site, students can practice classifying statistics problems.  They first click to check the statistical methods... see more

This applet allows users to simulate sampling from a bag of Reese's Pieces.  The computer keeps track of each sample and... see more

This applet simulates drawing samples from a binomial distribution.  Users set the population proportion, sample size,... see more

This site contains an elaborate collection of online, interactive and dynamic tutorials, demonstrations and tools for... see more

This applet demonstrates that even a "small" effect can be important under some circumstances. Applicants from two groups... see more

This is an applet that is designed to help students understand the features and factors of one- and two-way ANOVA... see more

A basic intro to analyzing two variable data using Fathom.

Students randomly sample individuals from three different ethnic groups and record their ABO blood types. Students then... see more

This applet demonstrates the central limit theorem using simulated dice-rolling experiments. An "experiment" consists of... see more

This JAVA applet assists the user in developing skills to classify a problem as one of the various types of confidence... see more

Module overlays the t-distribution on top of the normal distribution showing convergence as the degrees of freedom... see more

This applet allows users to generate dotplots by clicking the resample button and then guess the mean, median, standard... see more

Problems from the free Internet book Statistics using The Quick Notes Learning System have been written into an Excel... see more

Students randomly sample finches from six different islands and record depths of the birds' beaks. Students then use... see more

This video provides a brief introduction to the standard normal dstribution curve.  

A collection of classified JavaScript learning objects to enhance learning statistical concepts.

This site contains videos of example of most types of exercises that students will encounter in an elementary statistics... see more