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This is the ePortflio showing the results of my Course Redesign with Technology implemented during the 2015-2016 academic... see more

Transforming Face-to-face GE Courses into Hybrid and Online.   CLS 1500 Cultural Diversity, Chicanas/os, and... see more

Philosophy 131: Philosophy of Religion, by Scott Merlino PhD at California State Univeristy, Sacramento

This eportfolio is an example of what CSU faculty create to describe, document, and reflect on their experience... see more

We teach lower-division United States history courses fulfilling the CSU’s American Institutions Requirement that every... see more

Presentation of a vibrant interative way of teaching public speaking that results in one-to-one work, cuts in course... see more

This project provides a redesign of HIST 202A (U.S. History to 1877) and HIST 202B (U.S. History since 1877), two lecture... see more

This is my online Philosophy of Religion Course Redesign Project page.  

PHIL 102 Course Redesign ePortfolio Debra Jackson (CSUB)

A two-step course redesign project in critical thinking

Redesign AAS 210: History of Asians in the United States to enhance student learning and teaching effectiveness through... see more

© Peter Adamson and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Adamson was interviewed by Andrew Iliadis on November 5th, 2012... see more

© Nina Power and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Power was interviewed by Andrew Iliadis on December 30th, 2012 Dr. Nina... see more

© Gary Genosko and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Genosko was interviewed by Andrew Iliadis on November 25th, 2012 Dr.... see more

© Alexandra Juhasz and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Juhasz was interviewed by Laureano Ralon on February 11th, 2013... see more

© Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Figure/Ground Communication. Dr. Fitzpatrick was interviewed by Laureano Ralon on February... see more

© Robert McChesney and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. McChesney was interviewed by Justin Dowdall on February 25th, 2013... see more

© Rick Williams and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Williams was interviewed by Laureano Ralon on March 4th, 2013 ... see more

© Howard Saul Becker and Figure/Ground Communication. Dr. Becker was interviewed by Gonzalo Ralón and Laureano Ralón on... see more

John Durham Peters is A. Craig Baird professor of Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. He received a Ph.D. in... see more

© Nicole Starosielski and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Starosielski was interviewed by Justin Dowdall on January 7th,... see more

© John Searle and Figure/Ground Communication Dr. Searle was interviewed by Andrew Iliadis on November 19th, 2012 as part... see more