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Presentation linking several Spanish A-Levels topics and themes: Spain before and after the Democracy, the Civil War,... see more

RealView Imaging is pioneering the field of interactive live holography, creating new dimensions for Augmented Reality.... see more

This Channel 4 video shows three ways to factcheck fake news.

This webinar discusses fake news in terms of media literacy, and addresses gender issues throughout the presentation.

This video (7:35) is enlightening about the scope and repercussions of sharing personal information online.

Long before Hurricane Katrina, most experts knew the city of New Orleans was vulnerable to flooding caused by hurricanes... see more

Earthquake prediction has never been an exact science or an easy job. In 1923, the debate between two Japanese... see more

In the quantum world particles can be in two places at once, they disappear for no reason and reappear in unpredictable... see more

This learning unit from the Center for Cultural Design provides a background on Pre-Columbian pyramids. The lesson is... see more

This site uses the example of Native American rug weaving to demonstrate the mathematical concept of Cartesian... see more

This site uses the example of Native American basket weaving to demonstrate mathematical concepts (namely, Cartesian... see more

This site from the Center for Cultural Design uses the example of Yup'ik Native Alaskan navigation to illustrate counting... see more

Podcasts of actors reading passages from Shakespeare.

Excision, also known as female genital mutilation (FGM,) it is thought to affect up to 140 million women and girls... see more

'발리에서 생긴 일' 중에서 전화 통화

This video is meant to provide writing teachers with a detailed overview of the Excelsior College OWL, an open-source,... see more

The material depicts about the pattern of every universal matter which incorporates crystal structures, along with that... see more

Keynote speech at the 2015 Internet Librarian International conference. The topic dicussed how to balance privcy and free... see more

A BBC news video segment about the changing format and delivery of news. it includes issues such as censoring,... see more

Although designed for elementary school, this site provides helpful explanations and interactive exercises as a first... see more

Understanding and recording information.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do Statement: Can understand the... see more

Language for describing charts and graphs - includes multiple-choice exercises with answers.   CEFR Activity: Reception /... see more

Video, questions, answers and hints.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do Statement: Can understand the main... see more