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This site consists of an interactive periodic table directed toward students.

This presentation consists of a summary of Chapter 7 - Atomic Structure and Periodicity from Chemistry, Fourth Edition by... see more

This site is kind of hard on the eyes, but contains lots of tutorials covering all types of chemistry. Also, members can... see more

This site has a lot of text materials covering many general chemistry topics. Some categories included on this site are... see more

This site has an overview of coordination compounds involving structure, isomerism, and crystal field theory.

At howstuffworks there are many different categories you can choose to look up information as well as a search tab to... see more

This is the IBM Research Center web site. The chemistry section includes some of the different areas that IBM is... see more

This web page has many experiments and questions covering science in general. Some of these experiments are poorly... see more

This web site has a flow chart that can be used to determine the relationships between two structures, as well as... see more

This site offers a tutorial on symmetry including different chime molecules that display different symmetry operations.... see more

This page contains brief profiles and pictures of each of the alkaline earth metals, and the characteristic flame colors... see more

This web site is the home-page for the National Hydrogen Association. Lots of information regarding hydrogen (safety,... see more

"A gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals on the WWW", also, this site has wave functions, examples, etc. for... see more

This web site has lots of CHIME tutorials and applications, including a molecule viewer, CHIME exercises, a CHIME... see more

This web site, from the U.S. Department of Energy, covers the idea of using hydrogen as a fuel. Some key topics in this... see more

This web site, from PBS, has teachers guides that include activities for students. This page includes only the teacher's... see more

This web site is dedicated to providing "engineers, scientists, and science and engineering students with resources for... see more

This site has tutorials on molecular shapes and isomerism, chirality and isomerism, protein structure, and nucleic acids.

This web site consists of a slide-show covering the chemistry of coordination compounds. The slide-show consists of 96... see more

There is a link to several flow charts showing how to convert from one functional group to others, however it is kind of... see more

This web site covers the topic of coordination compounds, including general trends, complex ions, isomerism, valence bond... see more

This site is a course site at the University of Akron. Simply click on any of the links on the right to view a... see more

This web page is a twenty-five page pdf review of stereochemistry.