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This description is copy and paste from the Teach with Movies web site. Lesson plans in History, English, Literature, the... see more

A division of Scholastic, Inc., Teachers Pay Teachers is an open market spot for teachers who are interested in putting... see more

Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) is devoted to organizing and sharing the scholarly knowledge... see more

Easy to use, free, fun meeting site that works in real time and does not require a sign-up to use.  Text, images,... see more

Minnesota is one of the nation's leaders in the use of eFolio. This award winning resource has a huge inventory of... see more

This site allows you to develop a "custom social search portal on the topic of your choice". Swikis improve with "every... see more

You-Tube videos of "Geometry of Circles" resource that is beautiful to watch and provides a pleasant listening... see more

An online marketplace where teachers pay teachers for content. Orginal content can be bought and sold.  While most of the... see more

A general site about free teacher materials and online tools. RSS feeds from major educational publishers

A collection of resources devoted to how to collect oral histories.  This site list techniques and related information... see more

ProEd Portal Blog Doors and entrances are called portals. The term portal has also been used to define a web page... see more

Seam is an automatic essay analysis system. It will score essays on a scale from 1 to 6, and it will also provide helpful... see more

This is a popular YouTube presentation of a 20:20 John Stossel broadcast titled, Stupid In America.  Tags on this include... see more

This site allows users to join a wolf pack.  Do you like to howl, run with others, and desire close family... see more