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This site contains an extensive collection of java applets involving goemetry miscellany and puzzles. Written by... see more

Java Sketchpad is a tool for quickly and easily generating interactive applets that demonstrate concepts in plane and/or... see more

A collection of links to sites that discuss famous curves, as well as a wealth of other mathematical topics. Most are a... see more

Three vectors (forces) can be independently manipulated, with the net force being computed for each configuration.

This is the May 2001 version of Alexander Bogomolny's "Cut The Knot!" column. It discusses the game of Nim and variants.... see more

VassarStats is a useful and user-friendly tool for performing basic statistical computations.

This is a site that is meant to explain to writers what statistical data means. However, it is also a simple review, with... see more

An excellent group theoretic approach to the popular Rubik's cube game.

Grapher allows the user to enter a function of a single variable with up to three parameters, then vary the parameter... see more

This site is part of the NCTM's Student i-Math Investigations website. It uses algebra and discrete mathematics to... see more

An applet that continuously generates new arithemetic problems and keeps track of the number solved correctly in a... see more

This applet requires the user to obtain the standard and general form of a parabola from its graph.

Large collection of links to geometry sites.

Link to math graphic images and programs.

This Java applet demonstrates the use of a normal distribution to approximate a binomial distribution. Correction for... see more

A nice textual introduction to percolation theory, along with an applet that allows students to investigate the concepts... see more

An introduction to CAT scans.

Visual demonstration of existence of centroid of a triangle.

A tutorial on cross ratios and harmonic conjugate elements.

A collection of geometry applets.

This interactive, applet-based site steps the student through the process of identifying an equation as an ellipse or... see more