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Demonstration of reflection of a longitudinal wave from a boundry.

Shows a microscopic model for an ideal gas.

Graphically illustrates harmonic oscillation with a mass attached to a spring.

Illustrates motion of a pendulum. Configurable parameters of initial position, length, gravitational field, and mass.

Demonstrates a Lorenz Attractor, period doubling, and Chua's circuit

Modulate Poles and Zeros of a transfer function

Illustration and explanation of quantized angular momentum

the applet reads and plots the realtime tao meteorological data files. This applet demonstrates the ability to... see more

Illustrates geometrical relationships between the sides of related triangles.

Allows you to view stories other children have entered and enter your own.

This java applet can be used to determine whether or not the means in two sample populations are significantly different.

Demonstrates superposition principle. When two or more waves move through the same region of space, they will superimpose... see more

Illustrates a theorem using the Pythagoras diagram but yielding a surprising triangle.

Illustrates the working of a pendulum

Illustrates light through a lens. Can change the refractive index of the glass.

Illustrates light reacting to converging and diverging lenses and mirrors. Parameters are changeable.

Invites you to engineer the traffic light system for a one-way street that consists of several lanes along which traffic... see more

This calculator computes the angles (and side) of the two possible triangles given 2 sides and 1 non-included angle.

This calculator computes the angles of a triangle given 3 sides.

Gives the lengths of altitude and median along with radii of incircle and circumcircle.