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This course explores the causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War, from the 1840s to 1877. The primary... see more

This course treats public-sector policies, programs, and projects that attempt to reduce poverty and unemployment in... see more

Seminar participants and invited guests will lead critical discussions of current literature and ongoing research. Each... see more

This subject surveys main currents of European cultural and intellectual history in the modern period. Such a foundation... see more

This interdisciplinary course surveys modern European culture to disclose the alignment of literature, opposition, and... see more

This course aims to provide students with a general overview of basic themes and issues in Middle Eastern history from... see more

This course explores the last 500 years of world history. Rather than trying to cover all regions for all periods of... see more

This course explores how our views of Jewish history have been formed and how this history can explain the survival of... see more

The reading and writing for this course will focus on what it means to construct a sense of self and a life narrative in... see more

This course is an introduction to the history, theory, practice, and implications of rhetoric, the art and craft of... see more

This class is the second half of an intensive survey of cognitive science for first-year graduate students. Topics... see more

Surveys the literature on the cognitive and neural organization of human memory and learning. Includes consideration of... see more

This course explores the cognitive and neural processes that support attention, vision, language, motor control,... see more

This course covers central topics in language processing, including: the structure of language; sentence, discourse, and... see more

The television landscape has changed drastically in the past few years; nowhere is this more prevalent than in the... see more

This course examines the interplay of art, science, and commerce shaping the production, marketing, distribution, and... see more

This course centers on historical eras in which the form and function of media technologies were radically transformed.... see more

This unit examines the approach adopted by Tony Blair and New Labour to welfare reconstruction in the United Kingdom.... see more

Dance communicates ideas through movement and is an expressive art form. This course introduces some key skills and... see more

This course covers the emergence of modern France. Topics include the social, economic, and political transformation of... see more

The origins and reasons for monarchy as an institution and social force in the Western world. Specific royal personages... see more

Beginning with the decline of the Roman Empire, this course discusses German, Muslim, Viking and Magyar invasions, the... see more

A political, social and cultural history of Europe from 1815 to 1900, including the history of each major European... see more

This course examines the forces and movements in the development of Irish nationalism from 1800 to the achievement of... see more