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Watch and change controls of a revolving HyperCube (4D Cube)

A particle moves randomly in 2D, and leaves a particle when it touches the central aggregation complex.

Elasticity has a quantitative meaning, a specific way of measuring responsiveness. Read the lecture and try to answer the... see more

Mathematical concepts: data bias, scale, probability.

Take random steps left or right or up or down and see how far you get. You won't go far very often.

Ants running out of an anthill moving randomly create a series of patterns.

2D Random Walk with no cut-backs and trap avoidance heuristic.

Select appliance, and see how much energy is consumed

This site presents a simulation of different genomes. One must first register to use it

Watch a satellite slowly circle Earth in an ellipse. Vary percent of object area to show. Watch equal area swept out in... see more

""The spatial variant of the iterated prisoner's dilemma is a simple yet powerful model for the problem of cooperation... see more

A Java-tized Web-site with great information about Space Shuttle flights, etc.

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

Interface to access databases of National Oceanographic and Astmospheric Association.

Jess is a clone of the core of the CLIPS expert system shell. This page has a JESS Script running to solve the classic... see more

Javascript animation (spinning Earth, etc.)

Stare at counter-rotating spirals animation for about 20 seconds, then stare at a complex pattern that seems to wiggle... see more

ESA is an on-line Java program that helps you analyze sequential events.

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.

A random walk through history with Weisner. Java-based controller to pick topics, see list of phrases, and view movies.

Read the lecture and try to answer the interspersed questions.