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Recent theoretical and empirical studies suggest that volume conveys useful information to forecast stock price... see more

We use a simple model to analyze the founding stage of new firms. Our goal is to characterize the directional causality... see more

The transition of Poland to a free market economy, concurrent to a substantial increase of the private sector, promoted... see more

Stock brokers are entrepreneurs who incur switching costs when the change brokerage houses. We use Helsinki Stock... see more

Since World War II, Italy?s economic growth has been one of the highest in the world. The objective of this study is to... see more

Investment in innovation in industrialized economies increasingly is taken over by large firms that operate their own R&D... see more

Entrepreneurship is not only used to create a business idea, but also to restructure a business in response to... see more

The choice of financing source is particularly difficult for a small firm due to the high uncertainty about future... see more

We investigated the stock price behavior of public pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies upon approval of a drug by... see more

Previous research on IPOs has identified several factors or issue characteristics that play a role in the level of short... see more

The grandstanding theory posits that young venture capital firms (VCs) will seek to build their reputations by taking... see more

Owners of the Hawaii Macadamia Nut Company (HMNC) are facing an expansion opportunity. A land owner has preperty... see more

The paper augments the asymmetric information literature on bank lending to new ventures by focusing on the more... see more

The article analyzes the factors determining the capital structure of the Spanish small and medium enterprises [SMEs].... see more

The objective of this study is to investigate the long-run performance of initial public offerings (IPO) in Germany for... see more

Managers of start-up firms make a number of important yet understudied decisions, such as whether or not to develop a new... see more

In the past decade, market globalization has not only been a threat for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but... see more

A key requirement for the start of many entrepreneurial business is private equity or venture capital financing. In the... see more

In developed countries in everyday business, payment delays often present a problem. Payment delays have already been a... see more

Using a de facto classification of exchange-rate regimes, this paper investigates how the volatility of PPP-GDP per... see more

In this study we examine every Small Corporate Offering Registration available from the United States. Using 339... see more

Although the word finance is in the term microfinance, and the core elements of microfinance are those of the finance... see more

There has traditionally been a symbiotic link between new business ventures and new banking ventures. This article finds... see more

We model the optimal liquidation behavior of a venture capital or non-diversified asset management firm faced with a sale... see more