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Flowfazer, the *coolest* animation ever written for the Mac, now appears in a smaller but platform-independent form, as... see more

A HyperPortrait of the late Jerome Wiesner, former science advisor to President Kennedy and MIT President.

This Applet shows twelve animated figurines created after Wassily Kandinsky's motives.

This applet drills you on foreign alphabets. It includes Cyrillic, Hebrew, Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, IPA, Farsi, Greek,... see more

The classic game of Mastermind

This applet enables you to quickly locate cities and towns in the state of Massachusetts. Moving the mouse over the state... see more

Had a dream? Bring it to the Temple for dream Questions, Feelings and Tasks. A 3-alter javascripted path that is a dream... see more

an on-line Java shopping system designed to make on-line shopping easy and intuitive for both the shopper and the web... see more

This applet is a DO sag curve calculator. It uses the Streeter and Phelps equation to calculate the impact of a single... see more

An aleatoric paint program. You can paint with it, and it can paint without you.