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This open textbook is being utilized in a capstone business course required for all business administration majors by... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a management course for undergraduate business students by Dr. David Olson at... see more

Degreed (Degreed For Me) is a free life-long learning platform that organizes Open Educational Resources (step-by-step... see more

This presentation explores what sexual harassment is, the three conditions that constitute harassing behavior, and the... see more

This is a Forbes article that explains key factors necessary to be an effective leader

This is a PDF that provides an approach to measuring team collaboration. Terms are defined, a method is explained and a... see more

This is a collection of quality tools available on the American Society for Quality (ASQ) website.

This is the most current version of the annual workplace report produced by Gallup polls.  This provides information on... see more

Breathometer was the first Shark Tank pitch where all five "sharks" invested in the deal. The case examines how Charles... see more

Genesis of Strategic Management by Elitsa Petrova includes six main topics. The first topic presents the strategic... see more

Employee engagement is an emerging theme for many organizations, how in changing times, with differing employees and... see more

This textbook introduces the reader to the different approaches and schools within strategic thinking as well as the... see more

This book will help you be more motivated, productive and resilient at work. Almost all the ideas come from peer-reviewed... see more

This book will help you be more motivated, productive and resilient at work. Almost all the ideas come from peer-reviewed... see more

This book is an easy guide for the lecturers and students. It helps in choosing the appropriate quantitative analysis... see more

This is a fresh innovative diversion from traditional ‘how-to-do-it’ books dealing with stress and time. Aimed at today’s... see more

Today’s business is all about people. It is about communication, relationships and about presenting yourself, your... see more

This book covers the difference between feedback (which is factual) and judgment or advice (which are opinions). It... see more

The acceleration of technology will shorten the shelve life of existing knowledge, expertise and skills. Many people need... see more

This is step-by-step guide to make the HR due diligence simple and comprehensible.  The first chapter gives a general... see more

The advances in business intelligence open up unique opportunities for small, medium and large organizations in the realm... see more

We are the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution or digital revolution. Many of the new technologies are disrupting... see more

Strategic Workforce Management is defined as "Getting the right number of people with the right competencies in the right... see more

‘Numerical Analysis in HRM’ is the ultimate guide for HRM and business students guiding them into effective quantitative... see more