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Sistema de Cajas de Compensación en Chile. Objetivo de las instituciones. Origen. Afiliación. Beneficios. Formas de pago.

Explains the technology and science behind compact disks.

This site provides a downloadable free version of an authoring tool that can be used for demonstrations of how to use... see more

There are several types of wireless technologies that students and consumer need to know about In this video we look at:... see more

Our first Mr. Ford's Class Most Excellent PowerPoint Tip. This video shows you how to quickly and easily add YouTube... see more

The last lesson in our Introduction to Computer, BCIS, BIM series. This video looks at the basics of eCommerce. We define... see more

A little nervous to venture down the yellow brick road toward the Emerald City of Web-based training? Well, you may have... see more

This is the site of a 2001 Frontline report on the exploits of hackers and how they have highlighted the internet's... see more

These materials consist of PowerPoint slides and Web pages that are useful in teaching MS Windows, Office, and FrontPage.... see more

We examine storage devices in computers. This storage lecture has been broken up into to two section, this one focuses on... see more

Video 5 in our introduction to computers series looks at computer input devices. We examine some common input devices and... see more

Our last video in our Computer Hardware lesson, part of the Introduction to Computers course. This video looks at the... see more

In the previous video we looked at the basics of operating systems. In this video we take a look at the current operating... see more

Presented at the AAEEBL Annual Conference in July 2010. This presentation culminates my research from November 2008 -... see more

This is an online course that comprises three parts. The first provides an overview of the current state of information... see more

Our first presentation for Introduction to Computers/BCIS. This PPT is enhanced with direct links to our YouTube videos... see more

A comprehensive review of computer hardware includes links to our exclusive YouTube videos (mrfordsclass) that support... see more

IT in Organizations - Online lecture with captions, 8m. Lecture is appropriate for a course in Management Information... see more

The first video in the Internet series of videos supporting the Introduction to Computers and BCIS series. In this video... see more

We love our definitions and in this video we define what the Internet is. We take a quick look at how the Internet got... see more

We continue our look at the World Wide Web. in the previous video we looked the history of the web, as well as what... see more

The final video in our series on the Internet. In this one we look at what is cloud computing as well as some example of... see more

Presentation at the 1st CSU Business Conference on Online Teaching and Learning (California, November 2008). Discussion... see more