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Conceptua Math is a site containing free web tools to support teaching and learning about fractions. These tools are... see more

Animations and quizes on topics in biology. This site has links to all tutorials.  

This is the Priory Woods school website. it includes many interactive resources that can be used on the interactive... see more

Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad has been designed to help Maryland students in Grades 4 and 8... see more

The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton Through the use of machnima in Second Life,  I produced a video clip of the... see more

This site gives a lot of good tips for reading aloud to children.  Includes a list of good books for reading aloud.  Uses... see more

TagGalaxy is a Flickr photo browser that uses planets as a conceptual framework. Type in a tag that interests you and... see more

A collection of short "movies" covering various topics across the curriculum.  Tim and Moby lighten up the mood for... see more

This animation describes the structure of solar-powered cells and explains how its specific construction allows for the... see more

Voki is a tool used to create avatar animations that are embeddable into your Learning Management System. Use it to read... see more

A Flash learning object of Stoichiometry of a Gas Phase Reaction that shows different ratios of iodine and chlorine... see more

A Flash learning object for dental hygiene on anatomic parts of the gingiva including their characteristics and... see more

A Flash learning object for dental hygiene on radiographic x-rays and anatomical landmarks of the human head. Learner can... see more

The animation displays the effects on volume as temperature varies and pressure is held constant.

A simple animation on the effects of pressure on the volume of a gas in a container as temperature is held constant.

Animated clipart, templates,backgrounds, and video for presentations and websites.

Educational games for school age children in math, reading, and writing. The website also include movies.

Educational games, instructional lessons, classroom activities, word banks, and quizzes for different schools subjects.... see more

This website has a very basic introduction to the three states of matter. It also has links that students can follow to... see more

Tool that allows the user to insert text and create a word picture or word cloud. It is a visual opportunity to see the... see more

Voice Thread allows a creator to upload a picture and then create asynchronous discussion which can be oral or... see more

This is a collection of animations that interactively demonstrate the appearance of surfaces and solids of revolution and... see more