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Training for the Power athlete. NUTRITION, PROGRAMING

These everyday edits are a useful daily tool that can be utilized in a variety of different formats to enhance... see more

A systematic way to learn cursive writing teaching similarly formed letters in series.

Pasos a seguir para mostrar a los alumnos cómo escribir un trabajo en el formato de 5x5

SM que ofrece una guía para que los alumnos hagan correctamente un análisis, la que se puede aplicar a las... see more

I love the feature to make crossword puzzles and word searches

Features free printable PDF format teacher worksheets.  For students grades Preschool through High School. Main topics of... see more

Es materiales de la ONU Que favorece al alumno en Ecuaciones cuadraticas.

Perfect for teachers to help their students self practice in preparation for the CAHSEE Examination. There are other... see more

This StAIR contains definitions of various figurative language terms and includes a review section.

Turn a Google spreadsheet into flash cards, Jeopardy quiz shows, name pickers, progress bars, badge trackers or... see more

Este Curso pretende dar a conocer el tema de Funciones cuadráticas, a través del cual el alumno dębe:  Interpretar y... see more

Interactive slideshow to practice grammar rules.  Multiple choice questions about plural nouns.

A site that provides tips and worksheets to help learn cursive handwriting. Provides anaimated examples of the correct... see more

Have you ever wished you could do some simple things to sharpen your memory skills? If the idea of memorizing a long list... see more

Kuizu is a Japanese vocabulary quiz program. It features several intermediate level word lists, flash cards, multiple... see more

This is a lesson plan on Letter Recognition, or teaching Letter's to pre-school and Kindergarten age children.  

The MILAGE Learning+ is an application for mobile devices that has been developed at the University of Algarve, enabling... see more

This is a PowerPoint created to teach students systematically and logically about the components of a complete sentence,... see more

Not only does this app include educational videos, superior visuals, and user- friendly language, but the makers of this... see more

Jeopardy template for PowerPoint 2007 that includes a timer and correct and incorrect answer slides.

El primer paso es ir a los materiales, de google drive  alli descargara la carpeta comprimida , la cual debe  extraer y... see more