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'The toolkit provides rubrics, checklists and examples to assist district teams as they develop, refine, and evaluate... see more

As districts struggle with dwindling budgets and staggering layoffs, schools are finding it harder to sustain and further... see more

Open Pedagogy promotes high-quality research and best practice(s). Google for Education is partnering with organizations... see more

A cursory examination of major learning theories and their impact on instructional design, 21st century skills... see more

'This is a textbook created and edited as part of an education course, ECI 301, at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,... see more

Within the rapidly expanding field of educational technology, learners and educators must confront a seemingly... see more

Digital history is an approach to examining and representing the past that takes advantage of new communication... see more

The result of a long-term study of one university's introductory composition program, Broad's approach to mapping the... see more

Dr. Collins, an associate professor in Neurobiology and Behavior, discusses the use of automated lecture recording... see more

Gary Van Sise, director of Educational Technologies and Jarrod McFarlane, manager of Audio Visual Services, discuss... see more

Calculator in the set of the natural numbers (ℕ). And is able to write all the natural numbers with words. When the... see more

Balance fractions. Reduce fractions Add fractions Weigh fractions. Balance a fractions balance scale. (division of... see more

Joe Lauher, a professor of chemistry at Stony Brook, describes how he and a team of his colleagues transformed their... see more

This document is a summary of many pivotal articles in the field of inclusion for students with mild to severe... see more

After viewing the lesson, students will be able to describe John Dewey's theories and identify their impact on education.

The "Digital Divide" describes the gap between individuals and communities with greater and lesser access to technology... see more

Website that discusses school reform, progressive education and appropriate classroom activities.

Website that discusses school reform, harmful testing practices and educational issues from a progressive viewpoint.

'Billed as “one of the largest communities of creative educators in the world,” the Adobe Education Exchange  is a free... see more

Website has content and discussion boards about issues dealing with parenting, testing, and school reform.

Sitio del CPEIP, dependiente del MINEDUC (Ministerio de Educación de Chile) que cuenta con numerosos recursos y links de... see more

'View the Common Core State Standards in one convenient FREE app! A great reference for students, parents, and teachers... see more

This website includes an example Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan related on how to apply critical thinking in th... see more