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Autism Speaks has grown into the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research... see more

This site contains legal information on the IDEA practices and regulations, behavioral interventions, and links to other... see more

An accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Free membership for (U.S.A) qualified students and... see more

A plethora of reading materials created by a retired teacher. She has so many resources that she has created that she has... see more

CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all... see more

This website offers numerous learning resources to help students with autistic spectrum disorders. The materials... see more

TAM supports educational participation and improved results for individuals with disabilities through selecting and using... see more

Do2learn provides thousands of free pages with social skills and behavioural regulation activities and guidance, learning... see more

'Emotionary by Me.Mu is an emotion diary tool designed for therapists (primarily speech-language therapists) or teachers... see more

Lesson plans for ESL students, teacher resources and tips.

This article presents a case study regarding a 7th grade student with learning disabilities, and evaluates his... see more

This collection of resources focuses on ICT literacy for education in communication sciences and disorders. It includes... see more

This wonderful information and referral site provides families of children and youth with special needs and the... see more

SchoolPsychology Resources Online is a collection of websites, articles, and other resources pertaining to school... see more

SNAP provides information, education, advocacy, and referrals to families with special needs children of all ages and... see more

An article relating to teaching children with autsim.

This site has information on different childhood and adolescent disorders. It describes characteristics of each disorder... see more

The Early Childhood ePortfolio provides a space to collect and store your work as you proceed through the program. You... see more

This app lets blind users recruit remote sighted workers to help them with visual problems in nearly real-time. Users... see more

This site is a list of links to an extensive set of resources for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, including... see more

'For the past 12 years I have conducted an annual review of the special education technology literature. This work... see more

The SciTrain U Accessible Classroom Course provides techniques that will assist you in creating universally accessible... see more

This list of TED talks  features some amazing first-person accounts from those living with autism.

By law, assistive technology (often referred to as “AT”) MUST be considered during the IEP process for every child. AT... see more