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Shockwave animations of various topics in linear algebra. Screensaver also available.

A large collection of applets designed to demonstrate basic mathematics. Many foreign-language versions available.

A tutorial, with applets, on vectors and vector algebra.

Tutorial on the ANOVA test in statistics and probability, with a description, formulas, example, and a calculator applet.... see more

Applet computes the area of a figure made of rectangles which approximates the region under the given curve. This curve... see more

A large online tutorial covering many topics in mathematics, including pre-calculus, calculus, linear algebra, and... see more

Discussion of how to calculate linear regression, including a demonstration applet. This site is in Spanish, but standard... see more

Change the values in the left matrix and click the INVERT button. The values in the right matrix are rounded to the 4th... see more

This applet is used to calculate the solution set to a linear system of equations. Type in the number of equations (this... see more

More of a demonstration device than a utility, this applet shows the user the steps needed to calculate the standard... see more

QuasiTiler draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations. This document explains the interesting geometry involved in... see more

Shockwave simulation illustrates the relationship between chance and probability/statistics by rolling dice and tracking... see more

Javascript visualization of spherical harmonics in 3-D. Allows user to rotate plot with the mouse.

A large collection of links to tutorials and references covering a wide range of mathematics topics. Calculators, games,... see more

Here is a demonstration of the flow of a vector field. You may choose a vector field from the pull down menu. In the... see more

This applet allows a person to test several numerical integration approximation methods by having the user fill out the... see more

A collection of applets that cover a wide range of math topics. Most contain downloadable source code.

Webtrig is a trigonometry tutorial designed for the World Wide Web. The lessons are in PDF format and require the (free)... see more

Chernoff faces are a method of visualizing multidimensional data developed by statistican Herman Chernoff. This site... see more

The applet displays the direction field for the differential equation dy/dx = axm + bxn . You choose the parameters a, b,... see more

Java applet for demonstrating how to measure distances by measuring the lengths of shadows.

Applet demonstrates how to convert numerical numbers (such as .00341) to scientific notation (3.41 X 10^(-2)). User is... see more

Site contains past AP questions from the Advanced Placement Program's exams.

Shockwave simulation of basic fractals. Explanation of the algorithm included.