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This data file comes from the Data and Story Library (DASL).  It gives eleven characterisitcs of 478 students in grades... see more

This applet allows users to generate dotplots by clicking the resample button and then guess the mean, median, standard... see more

A basic intro to analyzing two variable data using Fathom.

Given a column of N random numbers, find the best choice of three Weibull parameters to give a Weibull distribution to... see more

Teaching and research resources in the areas of Decision Science, Simulation, and Statistics.

Este sitio Web es un curso de valoración estadística; es decir, para adquirir un sentido a la manera del razonamiento... see more

This is a collection of tools and concepts useful for statistical thinking via a data-oriented approach.

It is a JavaScript that constructs a graph of a given time series as a tool for the initial characterization process.

Multiple linear regressions are extensions of simple linear regression with more than one dependent variable. This... see more

A collection of classified JavaScript learning objects to enhance learning statistical concepts.

It is a JavaScript that computes the seasonal index for a given time series. Availability of the seasonal index makes... see more

Large collection of scientific resources about statistics (descriptive statistics, testing, and continuous... see more

Equation Plotter (Plot mathematical equations, statistical distributions, numerical integration) Scientific Forecasting... see more

Data sets archives for analysis, using Analysis of variance, Linear Regression, NonLinear Regression and Univariate... see more

Histogram as a tool in checking unimodality of a population

It is a JavaScript that test a claim on equality of means in the two-way ANOVA test for block designs with replications.

It is a Java applet that test a claimed on difference in proportions based on a set of random paired observations, known... see more

It is a Java applet that tests a claimed on equality of means of several populations based on two sets of statistical... see more

It is a JavaScript applet that computes the arithmetic, geometric and harmonic averages.

It is a JavaScript that combines the subjective estimates with the evidence-based estimates for the mean and the... see more

It is a JavaScript that constructs exact confidence intervals and test of hypothesis with respect to proportion,... see more

A JavaScript that tests a claimed on equality of means of three dependent populations based on three sets of random... see more

Any undetected outliers may cause misleading statistical results. This JavaScript identifies any outliers and provides... see more

Simple linear regression models are compared.