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HighWire, the Internet imprint of the Stanford University Libraries, offers users online access to the following... see more

These podcasts from Scientific American cover a variety of topics in science and technology. Podcast categories include... see more

The technology of MP3 audio and video files�the technology behind downloadable music and the new portable players�has... see more

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) works to provide information and advice as "the premier institution... see more

This is an archive of reviews of online resources for the teaching of science. The reviews are organized by topic:... see more

How does our sense of smell help us process new information and develop understanding of the world around us? What body... see more

Have you ever wondered why animals hibernate or why they migrate? Have you also ever wondered which animals do? In this... see more

In this lesson, students will explore with scientific tools often used by scientists to provide them experience with the... see more

What objects can you see in the day sky? What objects can you see in the night sky? Are there objects that can be seen in... see more

This lesson plan introduces the concept of main topic and supporting details. Students will be able to read a text and... see more

Science is ever-changing. Students have the opportunity to see how classroom topics relate to current events and research... see more

This is a short unit plan that covers position/time and velocity/time graphs. Students are provided with new material on... see more

Have you ever wondered how energy changes from one form to another? How you can put food in microwave, and seconds later... see more

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Do you think you could survive anywhere in the world or in... see more

This lesson, if well planned out and conducted properly, addresses every component of the benchmark it is intended to... see more

This hands-on lesson plan allows students to investigate three methods for measuring volume. Students will learn to... see more

Design of Comparative Experiments develops a coherent framework for thinking about factors that affect experiments and... see more

This module introduces the basics of cellular automaton simulation with an application to studying the effect of fencing... see more

Come investigate the fictional town of New Cleo Tides! In STEMware: Zombie Plague, students explore a 3D world where they... see more

The Marian Koshland Science Museum features state-of-the-art exhibits that present the complexities of science in an... see more

This lesson allows the students to discover that science is everywhere. It encourages students to apply their scientific... see more

These eight free professional development workshops for K-8 teachers present science concepts on the nature of light and... see more

This video, presented by Make Magazine, shows a cheap and easy way to make 3D plastic forms like Storm trooper costumes... see more

This website is great for unit conversions. Americans probably use a greater variety of units of measurement than anyone... see more