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Fossils across geological time presented in multiple contexts of geological history, the tree of life, paleobiology and... see more

The objective of Listing of Open Access Databases (LOADB) is to create a web-enabled, linked, classified, and categorized... see more

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an outstanding, academic, Open Access publisher with... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The book is comprehensive, dealing first with reserves of anthracite and... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The book is focused entirely on coals which are sub-bituminous in rank. In... see more

Astrobiology Survey is an introductory course on astrobiology whose purpose is to provide a survey, or introduction, to... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. The textbook is addressed to students of applied geosciences and petroleum... see more

In this expanded new edition of Living with Earthquakes, Robert Yeats, a leading authority on earthquakes in California... see more

This four-week unit contains activities in which students investigate the natural history of a wetland, identify its... see more

The Gulf Stream Voyage is an online multidisciplinary project which utilizes both real time data and primary source... see more

Waves play a major role in breaking down and building up coastline features. But other factors, including tides,... see more

This partnership of government and education seeks to: introduce educators to wetland habitats' functions and values;... see more

The National Speleological Society has compiled a list of links to educational cave-related sites. Links are divided into... see more

This report describes a study in which seismic profiling was used to re-interpret the origin of Upheaval Dome, Utah, a... see more

This resource, from Dave McShaffrey, Professor of Biology at Marietta College, explains how energy and pollutants move... see more

Oceans in the News is an editorial service populated with current ocean research and news articles. The service is... see more

This real-life expedition involves science teachers participating in a summer cruise focusing on interdisciplinary... see more

Without liquid water, terrestrial life could not exist. All living organisms on Earth depend on water and its unique... see more

Take your students on an EstuaryLive telecast! EstuaryLive brings free, live internet field trips in four different... see more

HBOI summer internships with stipend are open to graduate students and undergrads with minimum 2 years of class work... see more

This website provides datasets (starting in 1988) about tidal wetlands in Virginia, human impacts, management practices... see more

This teaching activity illustrates how levees on the Mississippi River exacerbated flood damage in St. Louis during the... see more

This activity enables students to meet and interact with practicing scientists, to see scientific equipment being used by... see more

This page helps faculty communicate essential ideas that students struggle with in terms of floods and flooding. It takes... see more