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A solid state platform has been designed and fabricated that allows characterization of candidate organic semiconductor... see more

This tutorial will provide an overview of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and its application towards problems in... see more

This tutorial will provide an overview of electronic structure calculations from a chemist's perspective. This will... see more

The most often cited technological roadblock of nanoscale electronics is the "power problem," i.e. power densities and... see more

Recent achievements in the design and synthesis of new arene/heteroaromatic oligomers/molecules functionalized with a... see more

The top-metal/molecular-monolayer interface is of critical importance in the formation of molecular electronic (ME)... see more

We have developed a robust method by which to construct complex two- and three- dimensional structures based on... see more

This talk is an elementary introduction to the transistor. It is designed to be accessible to the nonspecialist with a... see more

Intrinsic conducting polymers are key components in organic electronic devices. These materials are also known to be... see more

As the device size of the conventional planar metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) shrinks into the... see more

This video was recorded at SLONANO conference, Ljubljana 2007. A compact modular laboratory unit for 2-D SAXS, SWAXS and... see more

While the Greek root nano just means dwarf, the nanoscale has become a giant focus of contemporary science and... see more

This video was recorded at Networks, Risk and Knowledge Sharing. This study examines how organizations manage risks... see more

We present non-invasive methods for improving the sensitivity of label-free biosensors that offer the advantage of rapid... see more

Micro-fabricated silicon cantilevers arrays offer a novel label-free approach where ligand-receptor binding interactions... see more

This talk will report results and conclusions from my personal investigations into several different disciplines, carried... see more

Computer simulation is now an essential tool for semiconductor process and device research and development, but to use a... see more

Table of Contents Introduction Solving the Wave Equation Computing n(x) Computing ID NEGF Formulation Scattering Summary