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Newton's law of motion look the same to all observers in inertial frames of reference. It is equally true that if... see more

This is a Java simulation of a free fall experiment. The applet calibrates its timer to the computer.

This applet shows a hanging mass on a spring. Users may add or remove mass from the spring to change the equilibrium... see more

This computer interactive lets you explore the effect of changing the number of colors and resolution of a picture. You... see more

In this activity, one person "programs" the other like a robot to move through a space, trying to get them to avoid... see more

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues is a web-based collection of annotated references to resources that offer a... see more

A Java Applet for understanding conformal mapping and its applications.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Learning Matrix collection provides access to about a 1,000 online... see more

(Portal Resources for Indiana Science and Mathematics) PRISM is a free website that provides collections of online... see more

A collaborative partnership that puts multimedia science resources in the hands of teachers and parents

This applet is a DO sag curve calculator. It uses the Streeter and Phelps equation to calculate the impact of a single... see more

In assocaiation with: ABPI, BAMA, British Energy, CDA, Corus, ExxonMobil, GSK, ICI, The Energy Institute, Institute of... see more

The students will be given mutiplication and division problems which they must answer. They also have the option of being... see more

Experiment with force and pressure by building a balloon rocket. When launched, the balloon will run a track wherever you... see more

The purpose of this resource is to quantitatively evaluate the accuracy of a classification system. Students sort birds... see more

Learners complete two simple experiments to prove the existence of air and air pressure which surround us. First, they... see more

In this activity related to magnetism and electricity, learners discover that a magnet falls more slowly through a... see more

EducaNext provides access to thousands of materials on various subjects of relevance to teaching and learning at the... see more

The Electricity data browser allows individuals and organizations to create, download, or view graphs, reports and tables... see more

This three-part activity consists of an activity that groups of learners develop themselves, a given procedure, and an... see more

In this nanoscience activity, learners discover that it's easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a... see more

In this activity about gravity (page 6 of the PDF), learners will come to understand how all objects will fall at the... see more

This downloadable Java applet allows students to experiment with fractions by building and displaying fractions in the... see more

Four teaching units show how NASA satellites measure ocean productivity. Topics cover: marine food web from producers to... see more