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A collection of physlet-based illustrations or simulations, with related worksheets, for introductory physics as the high... see more

This shockwave applet allows students to explore the concepts of mass, density, and buoyancy in an interactive online lab... see more

A collection of over 140 videos of Physics Demonstrations covering a wide variety of topics, from mechanics to atomic.... see more

A collections of java applet simulations of classical dynamical systems. Also includes video animations of fluid and... see more

This simulation gives you a floating log of which you can change the length, radius, and mass. Additional weight can be... see more

Blackbody Radiation applet. User tries to guess the temperature that would give the normalized Planck distribution shown.... see more

applet shows intensity vs. wavelength of blackbody radiation for different temperatures. calculates UV-blue color index... see more

Blackbody Radiation applet allows 10 Planck radiation law curves for arbitrary temperatures in the range 3000-30000K.... see more

describes blackbody radiation page. describes Herschel's experiment, gives Planck's equation and shows distributions

primer on blackbody radiation measurement techniques and the effects of Non-uniformities on Blackbody Radiant Output

Reprint from Applied Optics, Vol. 13. Talks about how to calculate effective emissivity

average emissivity values for various materials. Reference for Blackbody Radiation.

Thermo_XP computes changes in path and state functions for user-selected ideal gas expansion (and compression) processes.... see more

Simulates a gas in a box with variable volume. The walls and a "heater" can be set to different temperatures and the... see more

A self-graded quiz on basic kinematics and dynamics (including rotational dynamics) from the first semester of an... see more

A self-graded quiz on basic fluid dynamics, waves, and electrostatics from the first semester of an algebra-based... see more

Applet and tutorial on fluid dynamics, including Torreceli's theorem. Applet plots the height of a fluid as it drains... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Applet ignores energy loss, thus demonstrating the oscillaory motion that... see more

Applet and tutorial illustrates the fluid dynamics of two vessels of fluid connected by a ground-level pipe such that the... see more

Applet and tutorial on capillary action in fluid dynamics.

Applet and tutorial on fluid dynamics, including discussion of Poiseuille's Law and the Stokes equation.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Applet shows a system of leaking vessles, each leaking into the other, and... see more

Tutorial and applet on fluid dynamics, including an analogy to electrical capacitance and resistance.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on surface (superficial) tension.