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From the website:  "Student Psychology provides a gateway to Psychology Press' online interactive resources, revision... see more

The listing of resources, sample lesson plans, syllabi and modules should be especially helpful. Ideally, the site will... see more

Essay from Social Science Research Council website about terrorism.

Article written by J. Robert Baum, University of Maryland; Barbara Bird, American University; and Nicole A. Chardavoyne,... see more

A brochure from the American Psychological Association (APA)

An article on sexual addiction from PsychCentral.

Article by Dr. Paul Spector at the University of South Florida on what I/O psychologists do in their careers

Collection of links to sites that provide tips for undergraduates on managing time, taking notes, studying effectively,... see more

Article by By Dr. Karen Belkic on the Job Stress Network, the home page of the Center For Social Epidemiology.

A Flash-based demonstration of how easy it is to "mis-remember."

List of links to psychology-relevant gender and sexuality materials on the web.   "AmoebaWeb is an American Psychological... see more

One of numerous pages on the APA (American Psychological Association) site dealing with behavioral topics.  Contains a... see more

A collection of links related to gender and sexuality from The Voice of the Shuttle website.  From the site:  " The Voice... see more

Collection of links to sites related to memory with a number of links to classic articles on false memory.

This page from the National Organization for Women (NOW) website contains a collection of links to news and information... see more

From the site:  Women's Studies / Women's Issues Resource Sites is a selective, annotated, highly acclaimed listing of... see more

Collection of web links related to Industrial/Organizational Psychology maintained by Athabasca University.

Article by Anders Pape Moller on the evolution of beauty according to sexual selection theory. Click PDF link to view... see more

From the site:  "A division of the Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Center for Women & Policing (NCWP) promotes... see more

From the site:  "Regularly maintained by Dr. [John}Grohol and a staff of contributing editors, it is one of the Net’s... see more

SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) "has served as the national voice for sexuality... see more

Website for the Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology, Division 14 of the American Psychological Association

1991 article from Psychological Review by Hazel Rose Markus & Shinobu Kitayama