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This is attempt to simply explain the mechanics of thoroughly processing a crime scene. The author suggests that there is... see more

discuss how crime scene duties can be divided This site provides some guidelines for crime scene investigation, and then... see more

This site contains links to articles on behavioral evidence, or criminal profiling and psychology. There are also links... see more

This site contains links to articles regarding digital evidence, or computers, computer crime and digital imaging.

This site explains demonstrative evidence, which is evidence that illustrates or helps explain oral testimony, or... see more

The goals and objectives of the Crime Scene Investigations units are the collection, preservation, packaging,... see more

This guide represents the collected experience of the law enforcement community, academia and the private sector in the... see more

The Lynn Peavey Company, a crime scene and forensic science supplier located in Lexana, KS, has made available an... see more

This site contains links to articles on fingerprint evidence. Topics include background material, general processing,... see more

This site contains a lecture that is part of a Forensics Law course. This particular lecture concerns forensic... see more

This guide is intended for use by law enforcement officers and other members of the law enforcement community who are... see more

This site, sponsored by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, presents information on the extensive use of... see more

At this site one can download CARP 1.04 which is a DOS-based program for Computerized Accident Reconstruction. The... see more

This is an online guide developed by the FBI. It first introduces fingerprints, discusses pattern types, discusses... see more

This paper provides a broad overview of the subject of biometrics, how they are used, how performance is measured, how... see more

This research report outlines the tasks that should be considered at every explosion scene, focusing on those related to... see more

Aerial Photography has many applications for the traffic accident reconstructionist. Properly scaled vertical aerial... see more

This article will detail a general protocol for examining a damaged vehicle with the intent of learning whether or not... see more

The purpose of this site is to explain what is meant by driver's Perception Reaction Time. It contains a downloadable... see more

The author analyzes how automotive black boxes can help in accident reconstruction. These on-board data recorders can... see more

This is a set of PowerPoint slides designed for a course entitled Introduction to Forensic Science. This set is developed... see more

This site is a guide to using superglue fuming techniquest to obtain finger print evidence. The author discusses the... see more

The purpose of this document is to provide definitions for use by personnel in the criminal justice system when... see more

This article offers an explanation of DNA testing that follows is intended as an introduction to the subject for those... see more