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This is a free book offered by BookBoon. There has recently been an unprecedented interest in pursuing MBA courses... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. Career Secrets Exposed has been written to provide a number of useful tips on... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. So how do you take control of your career? For many of us, a career feels like... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. The moment you become a mother, or face an event that rocks your world, it has a... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. Want to give your career a boost? You will only do well if you are “career-fit”:... see more

This is a free book offered by BookBoon. The move from full time education to the workplace can be uncertain and... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. This book will help graduate students organize their future career. I’m sure you, dear... see more

'Most people know they should manage their money wisely—but they don’t always know how to do it. That’s when they turn to... see more

' Becoming an accountant requires advanced education, formal certification and a firm commitment to learning the trade.... see more

' A career as a management consultant can be both financially lucrative and personally rewarding. Becoming a successful... see more

'The financial sector represents a significant portion of the U.S. economy and workforce, with professionals in the field... see more

'Advertising is a dynamic industry that combines analysis with imagination to shape the way people purchase products and... see more

' Writing professionally can be both exciting and rewarding. However, it is important to realize that writing for a... see more

'A career as a photographer can be an exciting avenue for creative expression, as photographers have the opportunity to... see more

' Music is at the heart of our everyday lives and we all encounter it in myriad settings each day, from jingles on the... see more

'Definitions of journalism abound and evolve, depending on cultural currents, political ideologies, economic necessities,... see more

'Interior design is a fascinating field, allowing professionals working within the industry to combine their creative... see more

'Those who major in history can look forward to a diverse range of career paths post graduation. History students soak up... see more

'Graphic designers create visual communications seen every day, every minute, across the globe. Designers develop... see more

'The film industry represents an entire economic system in the national and international economy. A typical big-budget... see more

' Becoming a chef usually involves a combination of formal education and on-the-job training. A professional culinary... see more

' Communication is defined as the ability to talk with others and express thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This sounds like... see more

' A career in acting means overcoming a number of hurdles and developing a strong set of skills necessary to succeed both... see more

' Firefighters work in forested, rural and urban areas to protect lives and property. While there are several pathways... see more