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The document provides an outline of the first and second phases of MERLOT's faculty development initiative. Phase II... see more

Using MERLOT for advancing academic technology initiatives at the MIC. One of the many needs faced in colleges and... see more

Using MERLOT for advancing academic technology initiatives at the MIC. One of the many needs faced in colleges and... see more

This document describes Federated Search from a technical perspective to help developers be able to create clients for... see more

This document describes the requirements that a prospective Federated Search Partner must meet in order for their site to... see more

FIPSE Summary abstract for presentation at Mid Year 07 in Atlanta

The planning document describes MERLOT/CUDA?s template for defining use cases is used as planning tools for developing... see more

An overview of the existing editorial boards are provided including a description of the annual review process. Details... see more

This is a guideline to help someone understand the Peer Review Process. It is used in the MERLOT 101 course.

This handout provides step by step directions on how to register and use the University of Michigan WorkTools - a course... see more

Guidelines and processes for recommending affiliations with professional organizations for MERLOT.

Guidelines developed to help editors establish relationships with professional organizations. This document lays out... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle.  Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

An overview document of Harvest Road Hive prepared by Peter Lamothe

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) at CSU, Long Beach conducted an on-line survey on how faculty... see more

These are the Powerpoints that will be used in the Tuesday afternoon presentation at the end of the Leadership Meeting

This document contains the proposal that Sorel Reisman made to the Executive Committee of the IEEE Computer Society... see more

Featured session presentation by Phil Moss (MERLOT), Velda Arnaud (Lane Community College), and Nancy Kerner (University... see more

This shows an empty template for the Institutional Initiatives Portal- a"Teaching Commons"for Project Directors and... see more

Worksheet handout for MERLOT Services for Institutional Initiatives and Value Proposition Definitions.

Package of instructions and information to create a teaching commons for your institution. Topics include: Institutional... see more

These are specific directions for contributing materials to MERLOT. These will be used by the PDs at the meeting when... see more

Handout for the MERLOT Midyear Meeting participants to work in small groups and evaluate if the proposed MERLOT Strategy... see more