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Shows the motion of a charged particle in a uniform and constant electric/ magnetic field.

An applet that demonstrates refraction of light.

This is a game to learn physics of light reflection from mirror.

This Java applet shows the physics behind a beam of light impinging at some angle on a surface boundary.

(Foreign language version only) This is a 4 nodes DC circuit simulation java applet. You can drag DC voltage source,... see more

An interactive applet for simulating various combinations of the block/plane problem.

A simulation to show the orbit an object will make defined by specific parameters.

This java applet will show you physics properties of an R-L-C circuit driven by a harmonic voltage source.

This java applet show you how to use the law of reflection (for optics) in playing pool.

This is a home work problem shown in many Fundamental Physics textbooks . How to stack four uniform blocks on top of a... see more

This java applet shows the free-body force diagram for a block on an inclined plane. THe frictional force, the incline... see more

A Java applet for simulating projectile motion.

Uses vectors to illustrate Kepler motion.

Projectile motion Java applet with air resistance included.

Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vectors when electromagnetic waves propogate through... see more

Illustrates physical principles by simulating a race between two balls on different shaped tracks. Can change lower track... see more

A Java applet for demonstrating basic traffic flow, reaction times in braking, and importance of following distance,... see more

Would you like to measure your reation time? Would you like to estimate how fast you can drive on the highway?

An applet demonstrating reflection and refraction of a wave striking a boundary. User defines either an s-wave or p-wave,... see more