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A 3D timeline chronicling the major explorers and their discoveries of the 16th century in North and South America.

Objeto de Aprendizagem do Jogo tipo, parágrafo OS Alunos da 1 série do Ensino Médio da Disciplina de História.

A really COOL, multi-media, interactive site focused on creation myths from various of the world's cultures. An award... see more

The Time and Frequency Division, part of NIST's Physics Laboratory, maintains the standard for frequency and time... see more

"אבודים בחצור" היא הרפתקה מקוונת המתרחשת בעבר. הגולש נכנס לנעליו של חוקר בסוכנות ממשלתית עלומה, אשר יוצא בעקבותיו של... see more

Educational Games at The site offers games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, and... see more

"A Language for Movement" (1996) is part of an Open University series entitled "Seeing through Mathematics". This 25... see more

Animations in French and in Spanish for young learners. Stories, games and quizzes

Flash presentation of the numbers 1 - 20 in German.

A series of animated demonstrations of writing the letters of the Devanagari alphabet used in Sanskrit.

First part of the series "Focus Human Rights". It deals with Civil and Political Rights, with Human Rights violations and... see more

healthfinder links to carefully selected information and web pages from over 1,500 health-related organizations.

Flash modules on the various periods of Portuguese history. In Portuguese, with excellent use of media.

This site is an interactive Korean dictionary for any levels of Korean learners to study vocabulary. Learners can see... see more

A multimedia module on Louisiana with a reading from the preface of Chateaubriand's Atala. In French.

Animated teaching of Chinese characters, etymology, analysis of parts of a word, etc.

This site provides animated Chinese characters.

Peer Review in Five Minutes provides an introduction to the process of peer review and its role in scholarly research,... see more

An extremely useful FLASH module on prejudice and stereotypes with interviews with French citizens on what constitutes... see more

On this site are often stunning photos on a wide variety of topics.  Users can create their own slide shows comprised of... see more

An inventive way to teach past tense with cartoons.

Sacred-Discover what we share: From 27 April – 23 September 2007 the world's greatest collection of Jewish, Christian and... see more

Spanish games focused on making key vocabularly memorization fun and interactive for younger learners.