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This is a great site from the University of Alberta that provides animations of plant life cycles (equisetum, fern,... see more

The best way for young kids to learn about making music! "It’s a sickeningly charming world that will make you feel like... see more

This video shows how to interpret an EKG through steps. A guided voice explains the steps with slides. 

This is a video describing the steps necessary to perform CPR on a child between the ages 1 and 12. 

This video explains the pathway of frtal bloodflow prior to birth. It is broken down into an easy to understand animated... see more

This video from Khan Academy, created by Joshua Cohen, gives a detailed overview of vavular disease. Using animations,... see more

This is a 7 minute, 21 second long video of a nursing student performing a head to toe assessment. This video covers all... see more

This site offers a variety of educational videos on different subjects. There are videos that explains different disease... see more

A fun and very informative video that promotes sepsis awareness and best practice protocols.

Animated video encourages students to think about copyright law and the appropriate ways to use original work... see more

Objeto de Aprendizagem do Jogo tipo, parágrafo OS Alunos da 1 série do Ensino Médio da Disciplina de História.

This tongue-in-cheek animation is a fun introduction to the information life cycle, using alien invasion as a concrete... see more

Introduction to SOMMER'S WORLD LITERATURE TO GO, a YouTube channel that offers free, entertaining and short video... see more

This click-through series provides animations and basic definitions comparing the common types of cell junctions (tight... see more

This short, animated lecture covers the basic anatomy of the cranial and spinal nerves, followed by a 5-question... see more

The best way to understand complex data structures is to see them in action. We've developed interactive animations for a... see more

Search for and select relevant information. Use search engines and lookout for relevance, bias and copyright in... see more

  Getting Started Basic Features  Computer for Work Settings Solving Problems    

Learn to how create, develop and share information in different ways including emails, text documents, numerical data,... see more

  Getting Started Basic Features  Computer for Work Settings Solving Problems    

The magnetic force of the ions can be compared to a pinball machine with three different masses. If the same impulse is... see more

This animated gif illustrates the changing voltages when an operational amplifier (op-amp) becomes saturated. This... see more

This animated gif illustrates the changing voltages a conventional inverting amplifier when it receives input from a... see more

This website from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College features an animation of a simple diode rectifier... see more