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This article was published in the supplementary edition of online journal of otolaryngology JORL.

Article discussing African American women's diatary practices and how they contribute to Type II Diabetes in that... see more

"The mnemonic DEEP-IN stands for a series of easy-to-administer, officebased screening tests designed to streamline... see more

p–tert-Butyphenol (PTBP) is a phenolic monomer used in the synthesis of numerous industrially useful chemicals. The... see more

Methyl-2-napthylether (nerolin) is an organic compound and has the applications in pharmaceutical, and perfume industry.... see more

This article covers the global nursing shortage and the adverse impact it has on health care systems around the world.

This article examines the effects of global warming that are becoming present in human health. This article also explains... see more

Gor-Tex medialization thyroplasty was an article published in volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology... see more

This article discusses the history, evolution, indications, complications, and contraindications of hyperbaric oxygen... see more

IBM's Watson is  being used to do more than win Jeopardy.  Quote from the article is noted below: IBM's Watson computer... see more

Indian Journal of Cancer is the official publication of the Indian Cancer Society and Indian Society of Oncology).... see more

This is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal published by the Indian Society of Medical and Paediatric... see more

This article was published in volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology JORL. A 13 years old boy, had a wound... see more

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases has a publishing monthly by the International Society for Infectious... see more

This learning resource is Chapter 6 of an open textbook, Intrapartum Care.Intrapartum Care was developed for doctors and... see more

Biomarkers in Cancer is an open access, peer reviewed electronic journal focussing on all aspects of cancer and... see more

Las alteraciones congénitas son comunes en los niños, en especial las que afectan el pie. Dentro de ellas podemos... see more

This article titled Maxillary sinus antrostomy pitfalls was published in Volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of... see more

Middle East Journal of Cancer (MEJC) is an international peer-reviewed journal published on a quarterly basis. It reflect... see more

This is a open journal article describing an interesting case report of mucocele involving middle turbinate of nose.... see more

Diabetes puts people at increased risk for developing complications from the flu, both seasonal and 2009 H1N1, such as... see more

This is an online journal of otolaryngology.  This journal is free to access and free to publish.