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Assists teachers in understanding and interpreting the properties of numbers and provides a background to the numerous... see more

This archive is designed as a resource for enriching your courses with mathematical Fun Facts! It is designed to pique... see more

Activities and lesson plans for math teachers K-12

Develops a working knowledge of and ability to apply numerical methods in solving some basic mathematical problems such... see more

This site provides descriptions of how pi is evaluated, Gregory's series formula, connections between Fibonacci numbers... see more

A description of the five Platonic solids and their extensions into higher dimensions.

For my technology class I was asked to complete a StaIR. This stands for Stand-Alone Instructional Resource. This is a... see more

This contribution is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource that allows users to easily navigate through a presentation... see more

A collection of review materials for algebra, including sample exercises and detailed solutions.

A collection of review materials for differential equations, including sample exercises and detailed solutions.

A beginning PowerPoint guide to understanding basic geometry.  The presentation covers one-, two-, and three-dimensional... see more

A thoughtful way to solve for x in many situations.  Given an equation (with invertable operations being done on a single... see more

This is a StAIR Project designed to introduce and practice the concept of Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring.

The web site contains the development of simplex algorithm from the algebraic method, together with pivoting row... see more

This site provides links to 109 podcasts. 'The Math Dude makes understanding math easier and more fun than your teachers... see more

This site provides an excellent introduction to Fermat's Last Theorem and goes into much detail concerning the... see more

This Web site introduces you to what can go wrong in the process of building a linear program (LP) model. These pitfalls... see more

It provides a unification of system of equations, matrix inversion, and linear optimization.

Notes for a lecture on catastrophe theory presented by E.C. Zeeman at Trinity University in San Antonio, March 1995.

A history of the development of calendars throughout the ages.   This exhibit is a public service of the Institute for... see more

A collection of review materials for trigonometry, including sample exercises and detailed solutions.

This site introduces some of the occurrences of the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio in architecture, art and music.

RealView Imaging is pioneering the field of interactive live holography, creating new dimensions for Augmented Reality.... see more

Discussion of a technique for estimating pi, by dropping a needle between parallel lines.