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In a 30-minute presentation at the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Dr. Ken Yusko describes a compelling... see more

This 20:22 minute video posted on addresses internal controls important for nonprofit... see more

Apresentação de livro de nossa co-autoria que trata do nordeste semiárido e a conviência com a semiaridez.

The CLE presentation presents theoretical principles and instructional characteristics of Constructivist Learning... see more

Video lecture defining a literacy narrative

Explanation of the 4-5 Jewish Denominations.

This video clearly demonstrates the difference having internet access at home makes for students.

This presentation explores what sexual harassment is, the three conditions that constitute harassing behavior, and the... see more

Esta es una presentación de el computador, sus partes, las memorias, las ventajas y sus desventajas.

Tell a story. Share your photos. Narrate in your own voice. Make presentations and share them on the Internet.

Enterslice is Award Winning Legal Technology Company that helps entrepreneurs start and manage their business in India.... see more

Ce document traite des réseaux téléphoniques commutés.

10 Feb 2016 ... CP04 Formación del profesorado en competencias digitales. 1. Práctica 4 Master elearning y Tecnología... see more

This video explains the theories and principles of assessment and shares some of the most common models.

In his book Competition and Entrepreneurship, Israel Kirzner clarified the role of entrepreneurship in the market process... see more

Apr 13, 2016 ... Self- Assessment and Metacognition “Ignited” in 2015 by Laura Schwarz and Nancyruth Leibold!... see more

A short video to help teach students de-stress and be more mindful, which will help them suceed in college.  Great for... see more


Mapa conceptual sobre la programación paralela

Part I of a series of Youtube videos that discusses the difference between medications used for CHF and MI.