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Applied Math and Science Education Repository

Wave packet splitting - wave encounters parabolic well

The Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) Project is supported by the Massachusetts Institute of... see more

The University of Florida has a distinguished physics program, and visitors can learn more about the world of physics via... see more

The Physics Virtual Bookshelf is a collection of documents written by professors as class notes or physics education... see more

You can create your own lectures, homework, and labs around any PhET simulation by using the PhET Activity Guidelines.... see more

These labs provide examples of using very open-ended questions to guide students in exploring a simulation and designing... see more

Labs and tutorials that use equipment such as circuits can be modified to use PhET simulations instead. Research shows... see more

The Technical Services Group (TSG) at MIT's Department of Physics provides teaching and technical support for... see more

This web site contains a database of a wide range of short videos demonstrating physics concepts. The videos can be used... see more

This set of quantum mechanics java applets, part of the Open Source Physics project, provides simulations that... see more

This webpage contains a simulation that shows simultaneous graphs of position, velocity, and acceleration of a moving... see more

This simulation illustrates the operation of a cyclotron, showing a charged particle moving through combined magnetic and... see more

This set of tutorial worksheets, based on the OSP Quantum Mechanics Simulations, help students explore the effects of... see more

Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory's Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience Web site has updated... see more

This video displays normal modes in a vibrating system through the motion of air carts connected by springs on an air... see more

Michael Fowler, Commonwealth Professor of Physics at the University of Virginia, offers this prime collection of (some... see more

Physics Central is how the 42,000 physicists of the American Physical Society "communicate the excitement and importance... see more

Maintained by staff members at the Institute of Physics, the Teaching Advanced Physics (TAP) website provides a wealth of... see more

Stephen T. Thornton, a professor in the department of physics at the University of Virginia, has created this website to... see more

This set of tutorial worksheets, based on the OSP Quantum Mechanics Simulations, help students explore the measurement of... see more

Interactive Lecture Demonstration to illustrate that impulses are larger in elastic collisions than in inelastic... see more

Interactive Lecture Demonstrations to illustrate the nature of torques and on the balancing of torques in static... see more

The US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)... see more