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Interactive games which allow students to practice and review anatomy of various body systems.

Videos developed by EMS personnel with a wide variety of topics relating to Emergency medicine, including safety, lifting... see more

Virtual lab with techniques used to identify different bacteria based on DNA sequence.

An interactive learning site designed for children by Discovery Channel. It includes information about the human body.... see more

Animations on the Human Body, including body planes.

Animated, Interactive, multimedia, learning tool on the Digestive System.  Information is available on diseases,... see more

Interactive website on cells, their structures, and functions.

This is a document that contains 3 videos from the documentary, "THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION".  the videos explore the... see more

This learning resource is a 13 minute YouTube video overview of ChooseMyplate.  It also discusses discretionary calories,... see more

This learning resource is a 6:22 minute YouTube video.  It provides an overview of nutrition facts label, and how it can... see more

This shows how the amount of fluid in our bodies varies by age, and addresses factors such as body type, gender and level... see more

This module covers intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid (intravascular and interstitial fluids), and includes a 6... see more

Created for the American Lung Association by AliveTek, Inc., this narrated animation introduces the concept of asthma... see more

This video follows four people as they live their lives to fullest managing their diabetes with insulin.

This learning resource is a 8:23 minute educational video on the signs and symptoms of a stroke.  It was developed by... see more

This learning resource is a video presentation on neutropenic sepsis.  It was developed by Claire Dikken, Macmillan... see more

This is a fantastic website for anyone teaching or learning how to scan the fetal heart.  It reviews all pertinent views,... see more

This learning resource is a 2:08 minute video from on the effects of atrial fibrillation.  The video provides... see more

This learning resource is a 3:10 minute video on high blood pressure (hypertension). The video defines systolic and... see more

A comprehensive video about sepsis and septic shock.

This is an animated video on the process and procedure for patients undergoing a hip replacement.  It provides basic... see more

Confused about how the new health reform law really works? This short, animated movie -- featuring the "YouToons" --... see more

This site provides good images of fetal development.  The material is biased towards pro-life and may be good material... see more